Terms & conditions

Online and retail stores are required to purchase a display unit which will be available for viewing.

I agree to always have at least one product in stock at all times.
Only retail stores will be provided with advertising material, logo’s etc upon ordering a demo.
Advertsing equipment must be kept in good condition and will remain the property of Babybuggz (PTY) Ltd.
I agree to make at least 1 purchase per 3 month period. Should the account be dormant for more than 3 months the account will be closed.
Stockists may be given payment terms at the sole descretion of Babybuggz (PTY) LTD
All unpaid stock remains the property of Babybuggz (PTY) LTD until fully paid for.
Stockist are an extension of our brand and brand loyalty is essential
Stockist are to use their discretion and make use of the “Recommended Selling Prices”